May 7, 2012

Monday Merchandise-Brayer!

What is a Brayer and what do I use it for?

The Brayer's main function is to apply ink evenly over larger areas such as stamps, paper, or embossed-raised edges. You first roll the Brayer over your ink pad over and over to ink up the rubber,  then over a large stamp to ink it up. The ink gets to every part of the rubber, and you'll get a more uniform image this way.

You can also use the Brayer to apply pressure to cardstock and help to ink the cardstock by using even pressure when stamping a large stamp onto card stock or paper. This is done by placing your stamp on the table rubber side up and applying the ink with your Brayer. Lay your card stock on top of the stamp, then cover it with scrap paper large enough to cover the entire stamp so you won't get ink all over you. Roll your Brayer over the scrap paper without cleaning the Brayer. That's what the scrap paper is for, to grab the excess ink. Roll over the entire stamp with the Brayer. Remove the scrap paper and very carefully lift off your card stock!

Another great use for your Brayer is by adding color to an embossed card layer. Once you have embossed your cardstock layer with a textured impressions folder, ink up your roller and roll over the raised-embossed areas of your cardstock.

A third way to use your Brayer is to ink up your textured impressions folder on the inside, add a piece of cardstock inside and run through the Big Shot Machine. You'll be amazed at how the ink gets transferred to your cardstock layer!

Feel free to visit my Online store to order your own Brayer today! Scroll down below to shop now!

Brayer And Rubber Attachment, Item #102395
Preferred Price: $12.50

Use a brayer for special-effects backgrounds and uniform inking on large stamps.
■ Includes handle and soft rubber attachment
■ Attachment dimensions 4-1/2” wide by 1-1/4” in diameter

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