January 31, 2012

Tuesday Tips or Technique-fixing a stamp image!

Happy Tuesday Tips or Technique Day! Today I have a great tip for you.

Have you ever sat down eagerly waiting to stamp, inked up your image and stamped on a perfectly cut cardstock piece only to be disappointed with the stamped image results? That can be so frustrating. Well today I will show you how you can correct this without wasting your perfectly cut piece of cardstock:

Supplies Needed:
  • Imperfectly stamped image
  • Blender Pen
  • Ink color used on stamped image
 Below is what I am talking about. Most of the stamped images that this happens to are the bolder image stamps, such as the popsicle below. I purposely stamped this image so that it looks terrible:

Here is a close-up of the image. Look at all the missed spots:

Using the Rich Razzleberry Ink Pad for this image, I dipped my Blender Pen right into my Ink Pad and colored my image where the ink missed:

Keep adding ink until all the spots are covered. As you swirl your Blender Pen around, it also wets the ink that is already there and blends in with the fresh ink. Allow to dry between applications. The ink is still a little wet on my image but when fully dry, you would never be able to tell that I colored it!

Have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!

UPDATE:  To answer this question from Debbie: Thanks for the tip! Have one question do you clean the Blender Pen after this? And if so how do you do this? Because you are using the very tip of the Blender Pen to color with, it doesn't take very much ink to color in the image. It is sort of similar to coloring with Stampin' Pastels or Water Color Pencils with your Blender Pen....once you are done, use a a scrap piece of paper to "wipe" off the ink from your Blender Pen. Stroke the Blender Pen back and forth on your scrap paper until the tip is clear.