August 12, 2011

Streaky Glass Technique Tutorial

As I'll show you the steps in creating the "Streaky Glass Technique" from the card you viewed 2 days ago:

Step 1:

Using the Full Heart Punch, punch  one in Glossy Cardstock. Adhere to a flat surface using Dotto Adhesive. I used a Clear Block for my flat surface.

Step 2:

Using Crystal Effects, completely cover the heart shape as shown below:

Step 3:

Using a container of some sorts, squeeze out a few drops of reinker colors that you want to streak your cardstock with. I chose Pool Party, Pretty In Pink, and Rose Red. I used about 2 drops of each color in an artist's palette.

Step 4:

Using a needle, dip the needle in one of the re-inker colors and touch the needle into the Crystal Effects. Keep adding dots of color until you are satisfied with the number of "dots".

Step 5:

Drag your needle through the Crystal Effects and swirl from one color to the other. You can add as much color as you like and you can swirl and mix the colors until you like the result. Allow to dry overnight. Peel the heart from the Clear Block and complete your card as you like!