June 19, 2011

Extending the Modern Label Punch

I had a special request today (Hi Lana!) to show you how to extend the Modern Label Punch so that the longer sentiments can fit.

Step 1:

Using a ruler, measure the width from the widest part of the Modern Label Punch. In this case the width is almost 5/8" so I chose to go with 4/8" which is 1/2":

Step 2:

Cut out a piece of cardstock 1/2" x the length desired for your sentiment and stamp your sentiment:

Step 3:

Flip the punch so that the backside is facing you and insert your piece of cardstock on one end through the back. You might have to turn your cardstock piece 180 degrees and then slide it to the end and turn:

Punch the end of your cardstock and repeat for the other end.

This is what your extended Modern Label Punch sentiment looks like. You won't have the curved center but will have the decorative ends for your sentiment. You can adjust this for any length of sentiment desired: