May 28, 2011

Happy 24th to my son Greg!

Look how little Greg was in this photo when he played youth hockey:

Time sure does fly. When he started playing hockey, we traveled just about every weekend to Canada. We are very fortunate here in Maine, that we are just a skip and a hop to the Canadian border. Greg enjoyed playing hockey. He played all the way to high school age and now that he lives away, he still plays when he gets a chance.

And then there is this photo of him when he was 4 years old! This will be the first year that I don't get to spend with him on his birthday since he was born. He lives 4.5 hours away from us and we usually travel to Portland to see him for his birthday each year. Work has kept us extremely busy this year and we just can't get away. :(

He loves spending time on the coast of Maine and I thought of him when I purchased the Nautical DSP. My first thought was to create a boat holder for goodies with a matching card to send to him. Here is what I created:

I think I did a pretty good job coming up with a sailboat! I have never been on one, and I have never been close to one. We own a motor boat that we use for pleasure riding or for fishing but that's as far as I've ever been when it comes to boating.

I have created a tutorial for this project that is now available for purchase. Click on the PayPal link below and I will email you the purchase within 24 hours!

Click HERE to be directed to my "Tutorials for Sale" page!

I leave you with a photo of Greg taken 2 years ago when he graduated from college with a degree in Architectural Drafting. Happy 24th to my son!