March 26, 2011

Kaitlynn is 3!

Just a quick post tonight.....non stamping related. We had a birthday party today for Kaitlynn, my granddaughter who turned 3!

This is the "Dora the Explorer" cake and cupcakes that I made for her:

The birthday girl as we all sing "Happy Birthday":

Kaitlynn blowing out her #3 candle with her mom Jessica beside her:

and finally, a group photo of all the kids:

Happy 3rd Birthday Kaitlynn!


  1. Oh Kaitlynn is gorgeous!!! What I wonderful birthday for her. I know exactly what you went thru with those stars on that cake!! Do you have the triple star tip? I found it after about 5 of those bday cakes... *smile* Sponge Bob is the worst with stars, beware. Hugs,

  2. You are a woman of many talents! Your Kaitlynn is adorable and so are the Dora treats!


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