March 8, 2011

Ice Storm Photo's!

The photo's I am sharing today are of the ice storm we were greeted to yesterday. Isn't Mother Nature a beauty sometimes?

The birch trees below sit in our front yard. We are really worried because these usually all stand up straight as a board. Nice and they don't look so nice and tall. Today's forcast call for some sunshine so hopefully that will fix our trees:

Trees across the road from us. You can see how white and icy everything is:
Even our clothesline has icicles hanging from it!
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  1. Wow...the beauty of Mother Nature! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my, those are postcard picture perfect, but I sure bet you wish it wasn't in your yard. Wow!!! I can't believe you have power. I love your new header... I was going to mention that before, but I get carried away and forget. Hugs,

  3. Ahhh winter! Carla promised to send me some "meltin' weather" - think you need some too! We should look that that tomorrow with what we have predicted for tonight. My husband got gas for the generator.........hope we don't need it!


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