March 21, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to my granddaughter Kaitlynn!

Yes its true, Kaitlynn turns 3 today! She has been attending lots of birthday parties for her little friends in the past few months and she keeps asking her mom "when time to blow me candles?". She is having a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party. I made two cards, one for Dave & I and one for my daughter Jessica. Both projects were located on our Stampin' Up! demo site. I couldn't believe it when I typed in "Dora" and both of these punch arts showed up. Here is the first one I created:

Inspiration by Marie Shaughnessy. You can find the instructions on her blog.

Card #2:

Inspiration by Angie Walters. I could not locate a web address for Angie but thanks for the inspiration Angie.
I'll be posting photo's of Kaitlynn's birthday party at a later date. She is having a party on Saturday with her little daycare friends and other friends also.


  1. You are very good with those punches 0 these are cute! We had a presenter at Regionals who introduced herself as "I am Dora, not the explorer!" :-)

  2. OMG... Dora is awesome!!! I am so tickled over her socks. I don't know why... Your details are amazing. Give that little granddaughter of yours a Bday hug from me! Isn't google amazing? Hugs,

  3. Oh my gosh! Debbie these are just fabulous! So many wonderful details!


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