January 10, 2011

Remember these...........

Does this little 3D item look familiar to you? Maybe not? You'll never guess where the pattern comes from......

Keep looking.......

This is the underside? Now do you remember?

If you view this quick video right now.......maybe your memory will come back to the early days, well, my early days as a kid. Go view it now and you'll understand!

This is so adorable and whomever came up with this is a genious! You can fill it with little chocolates, litte Valentine's candy hearts, jelly beans and all you need to create one is a piece of 6" x 6" Designer Paper. Cardstock is too thick for all the folds needed. Add a handle and decorate it as you like!

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  1. Can't wait to show my 11 year old your version of "pick a number" mom!


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